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Friday, March 18, 2011


For Years Chris' family has enjoyed any comment associated with Dickies. Theron LOVES a good pair of Dickie's. It's got to be a thin pant. Oh, and we could go on and on....

So, when my family asked us to help with a Dickie's Event at Costco in Boise, how could we say no? (And, working with my sister is the best!).

So - cheers to Dickie's for one hell of a week! 10 days of Scrubs and laughs about all of the Dickie's stories from the Sainsbury's. Chris helped for about 10 minutes one day, and whoa was that an event! His customer service skill mixed with the opportunity for a good joke is just too tempting! Our family is now outfitted in scrubs for life, my art studio has the best art smocks, and Keeghan has a neon Dickie's sign in his room. Who could ask for more?

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