Stories from a PlUmbEr, FaTHeR, and one cRaZy guy!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Chris and I were talking the other night. I am always trying to convince him to write a book or at least write more of his stories down. And do you know what he said? He just isn't as creative as he once was... what??

So, I'm asking all of you ... inviting you to re-inspire him! Make him write all of his mischief, stories, his pranks, bedtime stories, memories, and adventures down for us all to enjoy!

Chris and Keeghan (3 years) on the rope swing in Stanley, ID

Good Stories

Chris is the best at writing stories! When we first started dating he would email me the best emails! They may only be a few lines but he puts a lot of thought into one. If you ever received an email from Chris - you know what I'm talking about!

When I was visiting my parents last summer - this is one of the emails he sent... All BROWN!

You can't handle a sassy email. Right after I got off the phone with you I walked into this 400 lb. dudes house. He was a fat slob in an electric wheelchair. He said his s*&(S was plugged....I went in and attempted to auger it out and I was hitting a firm blockage.....I mean foreign object type firm blockage if ya know what I mean......turns out it was just a jumbo turd wedged in just right. The guy is on dialysis and a bunch of meds that dehydrate and constipate the hell out of him. I had to put my (*&(*^ respirator on because it stunk so bad that I was about to toss my cookies all over the joint. I had to leave the house 3 times to breathe and regroup before I wrangled the big lunker out.......I felt like Mic Dundee wrestling a 1200 lb. Croc! It is officially the closest I have come to vomiting on the job out of my entire plumber stretch.


For Years Chris' family has enjoyed any comment associated with Dickies. Theron LOVES a good pair of Dickie's. It's got to be a thin pant. Oh, and we could go on and on....

So, when my family asked us to help with a Dickie's Event at Costco in Boise, how could we say no? (And, working with my sister is the best!).

So - cheers to Dickie's for one hell of a week! 10 days of Scrubs and laughs about all of the Dickie's stories from the Sainsbury's. Chris helped for about 10 minutes one day, and whoa was that an event! His customer service skill mixed with the opportunity for a good joke is just too tempting! Our family is now outfitted in scrubs for life, my art studio has the best art smocks, and Keeghan has a neon Dickie's sign in his room. Who could ask for more?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Brown is Beautiful

Okay, so if you ever sat through a story of my husband, Chris, you were probably in tears because you were laughing so hard. I don't know if it's his luck or just his perspective but he has the BEST adventures and is amazing at retelling them! So this Blog is for you Chris... it's for all of your stories!

I'll type them (or you can) and we'll get these down so we can always enjoy them... and others can, too.

Chris, when we first got married and your mom put together the reception in Moses Lake. You asked me what color I wanted to decorate with. I said it didn't matter and then you said she picked brown. What? Who decorates in brown? (Uh, now I do!) But, it is beautiful! Brown is the background for everything wonderful in my life. Brown is your work, brown is our children (always covered in a layer of dirt) and brown is so much more!! I love you Chris! Thanks for making me smile and especially for making me laugh!!